iOS开源 - pxctest(在多个 iOS 模拟器上并行测试)



Execute tests in parallel on multiple iOS Simulators.

iOS开源 - pxctest(在多个 iOS 模拟器上并行测试)


To install via Homebrew you can use theplu/homebrew-pxctest tap:

brew tap plu/pxctest
brew install pxctest


Compile your tests with build-for-testing , example:

xcodebuild /
  -IDEBuildLocationStyle=Custom /
  -IDECustomBuildLocationType=Absolute /
  -IDECustomBuildProductsPath="$PWD/build/Products" /
  -scheme 'MyApp' /
  -workspace 'MyApp.xcworkspace' /
  -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 5,OS=10.1' /

In build/Products you should find a .xctestrun file. This can then be passed to pxctest :

pxctest /
  run-tests /
  --destination 'name=iPhone 5,os=iOS 9.3' /
  --destination 'name=iPhone 5,os=iOS 10.1' /
  --testrun build/Products/MyApp_iphonesimulator10.1-i386.xctestrun

The --destination option can be passed in several times and will execute the tests in parallel on all Simulators.

run-tests options

To see a list of possible options, just run:

pxctest run-tests --help

Most of the options should be self-explanatory. If not, please open an issue or submit some pull request. However the --defaults option needs a special section here.

run-tests --defaults

This option expects a path to a file, which contains some JSON. After loading this file, its content gets applied to the Simulator's defaults. On the top level the keys must be either a relative path or a domain where the defaults are located.

Example: You can turn off all keyboard settings that you can find in the Simulator's Settings app by using following JSON content:

  "": {
    "KeyboardAllowPaddle": false,
    "KeyboardAssistant": false,
    "KeyboardAutocapitalization": false,
    "KeyboardAutocorrection": false,
    "KeyboardCapsLock": false,
    "KeyboardCheckSpelling": false,
    "KeyboardPeriodShortcut": false,
    "KeyboardPrediction": false,
    "KeyboardShowPredictionBar": false


git clone --recursive pxctest
cd pxctest
NSUnbufferedIO=YES xcodebuild -scheme pxctest test | xcpretty -c


The functionality of pxctest would not be possible without the great FBSimulatorControl Framework provided byLawrence Lomax atFacebook.

There are two command line tools that come withFBSimulatorControl:

  • fbsimctl - command line interface to the FBSimulatorControl Framework
  • fbxctest - test runner for running iOS testing bundles for the iOS Simulator Platform

Both of them are more flexible than pxctest , so it might be worth having a look at them.

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